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A Message from Zenu

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Unprecedented times call for fresh and innovative solutions. Zenu is here to aid our service providers in providing the same level of service in this new era. Whether it be for takeout or dine-in, we are working hard to find the ideal balance for customers and providers to feel confident and comfortable, while increasing your operational efficiency.

For Takeout

Recieve orders on any device

Our clean system makes receiving online orders a breeze! Your customers will love the easy-to-read menus and how frictionless it is to order.

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For Dine-in

Contact-less Ordering

We have worked hard to create a system that is both easy for your customers to use, and efficient for you to use. Implementing our digital order system for dine-in is as easy as printing QR codes and placing them on tables.

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What Zenu does

Contact-less/ Paper-less

Reusable menus can be a source for spreading germs, and printing a bunch of paper menus is not good for the environment, Zenu eliminates both.

Instant menu changes

  • Hide or show items on the fly
  • Update pricing instantly
  • Rearrange items
  • Upload photo

Reducing human errors

Allowing people to choose items on a visual and simple system reduces human errors in ordering.

Data capturing

Get critical insights on how and when you customers use your menu and where to optimize.

Mobile payments (Coming Soon)

Seamlessly integrate with mobile payments.

Multi-language menus with automatic translation

Managers simply set up their menu in their language, and Zenu takes care of all the translations.

Benefits for your restaurant

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Update your menu any time, results are visible real-time.

Eliminate ordering errors and misunderstandings.

Serve up to 25% more customers.

Decrease costs by 20%.

Cutting-edge AI assists you to boost your offers and your business.

Benefits for your customers

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Smoother ordering experience and less waiting time.

More information about the dishes.

Push notification about the newest offers and promotions of your restaurant.

Easy to understand picture menus.

Browse menu before arriving, save time at the table.

Pay safely and quickly with mobile payment.

Language support.

Filtering by preferences or allergies.


The team behind Zenu

Jared Fullwiler


Lian Lee Hoy


Marton Apai


Jonathan Moszuti

Data Engineer